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Design and IT solutions architecture

As an IT manager, do you constantly find yourself re-aligning your systems with ever new business needs? Are you always reacting to the changing pace of market developments and business processes? Trying to keep the complexity that comes with the progress of digitalisation and the evolution of IT security, compliance and risk management in check? 

A thorough analysis and evaluation of your existing IT landscape gives you a solid foundation to plan for future IT and business decisions and identify investments that actually make sense for your organisation. After all, the digital workplace demands an IT solution architecture that is ready to take on the challenges of the future. And this, in turn, requires you to be on top of a slew of dependencies regarding mobility and the modern workplace, the data centre, virtualisation, software deployment, endpoint security, as well as the automation and optimisation of IT resources. 

One key thing to do to mark out your IT landscape and get a clear view of your environment. Our Professional Services experts help you achieve just that with the Bechtle IT Blueprint, which helps you identify correlations between different systems, realise cost savings and restructure IT processes that have grown organically over the years and thus make them more efficient.


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Benefits of a professional IT solution architecture for a future-oriented organisation

At the same time, you’ll benefit from our expert product and licence consultation including valuable insights into manufacturer roadmaps. Over the course of your project, the design and architecture of your solution will evolve into a driver of a fast and modular installation, unified logistics, automated services and a successful rollout, transition and service design.

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Systems engineering.

Corporate hardware and software are always due for another upgrade, and that’s especially true for the digital workplace. IT staff are increasingly tied up configuring new desktops, notebooks or mobile devices and installing end-user applications. With their workload rising constantly, employee productivity is on the decline. 

Our goal is to roll out and install your individual solution with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption to your users so they can segue right into their new work experience. For instance, our IT professionals employ a highly standardised protocol to preload all your new devices and systems. To rule out any glitches and make sure your employees can be productive right away, it’s increasingly important to pre-configure and test the digital workplace in advance, including servers, PCs, notebooks and other end devices. To do this, we have a choice of standardised and customisable installation lines available. Plus, our IT professionals on site are able to leverage the expertise of the entire Bechtle community to meet your exact needs, while you benefit from a single point of contact right where you are. 

Bechtle’s Package Factory and Managed Installation services help take a load off your own IT staff and ensure smooth implementation across your organisation. Packaged software installation services, high-performance and standardised logistics, and effective Managed Installation services mean you can tap into an array of Bechtle services through a single one-price purchase. That’s your success available in one click.

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With you, for you, all the way.

From mobile solutions to the modern workplace to client virtualisation, software deployment and endpoint security – our certified experts know the things that make your future solution like the back of their hand. With decades of hands-on experience and consistent training to stay at the cutting edge, they have the tools and the knowledge to design, develop and adapt systems and services to maximise their benefits for you in traditional, modern and hybrid environments. Our Professional Services experts work with you to optimise all things IT and digitalisation. They understand how to design, develop, code and implement modern workflows, apps, databases and security to get your IT operations ready for the challenges of the digital age with its fast development cycles and collaboration-driven way of doing business. That’s why agile methods such as DevOps and Scrum are part of their bread-and-butter work.

What’s more, we have dedicated Competence Teams that specialise in the migration and integration of new architecture concepts and solution technologies to create a reliable and future-driven IT landscape. But things like virtualisation and automation are only the half of it. We also make sure to minimise any potential risk for your company and prime your business with security concepts according to ISO 27001/BSI or ISMS.

Professional Services

Transition management – Leaving nothing to chance.

When you choose a modern workplace solution from Bechtle, we’ll make sure to embed new technologies and software in your organisation in a way that is as seamless as possible, working with you to create a holistic transition, rollout and service design. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that your project will smoothly transition into operation, whether you rely on our experienced transition and service managers or prefer to orchestrate the switch in house. Leveraging standardised frameworks such as ITIL and PRINCE2, as well as agile methods including Scrum, Kanban and DevOps, our project, transition and service managers ensure the success of your project and ongoing service quality.

Coming prepared is everything. For instance, we will not roll out your new modern workplace before everyone involved has a clear understanding of how it will be run and maintained, and how it can seamlessly adapt to the dynamic needs of your organisation.

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